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February 9, 2012

Death Valley

Last saturday, 5 guys on a Jeep Wrangler headed out to Death Valley.

From hanging out with the locals in the bar, to having mock gun fights, to getting lost, this was one amazing road trip.

IF you are staying in Beatty, check out the Sourdough Saloon. As soon as you walk in, look up at the ceiling and you will see a dollar bill autographed ‘V R MALAYALIS’..that was us!!
Death Valley collage

February 2, 2012

A good cup of joe..

There is coffee and then there is coffee.

I realized that coffee when made the way it should will not taste burnt and won’t give you heart burns. I admire Starbucks for what they do, but this new breed of ‘artisanal cafes’ elevate your cafe experience to a whole different level. The drinks are good (maybe because its not made in a factory) and the ambience is also lot more polished.
Going off a list published by LA Weekly, we decided to check out the best cafes in LA.
Featured here is Cafe Luxxe.

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