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November 23, 2013

Pepper Cafe

Housed in an erstwhile spice warehouse in Fort Kochi, Pepper Café is a welcoming place that exudes an old world charm.

What was once a dilapidated warehouse, is now renovated into a beautiful café, with a grassy courtyard. The original details of the building, like the wooden roof, the stone lamps, big windows have been retained but updated tastefully. It has a minimalist feel, the white walls providing a perfect foil to the teal accents in the room. A walk around the courtyard leads you outside to an open space looking out into the waters; a lovely place for lingering on, watching the boats and ferries go by.

This café is part of the Avenue group of hotels and restaurants. The food and service is excellent – same as at all other Avenue restaurants I’ve been to. It is a delightful place to stop for a quick lunch, after you get off the ferry and set out to explore Fort Kochi.


All pictures are shot on a Canon 5D MK II and processed on Aperture and VSCOCAM

April 5, 2012

Istanbul Diary – Chapter 1

When I first told my friends and family, that we are planning a trip to Istanbul, many asked us Why Istanbul, What’s there is Istanbul, Why don’t you go to Europe? etc…I tried to answer, but don’t think I was able to convince many. I hope this series of pictures will do a better job of it. I tried to capture and convey my love for this exotic city, its beautiful and friendly people, its awe inspiring monuments and the delicious food available at each and every corner. Istanbul is truly a great city, where the old and the new co-exist, with a unique character of its own.

This post has pictures of the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque – two of the most recognized monuments of Istanbul. Will post more in coming days.

Hagia Sophia used to be an Orthodox church, later a mosque and now a museum. When we saw the serpentine queue for the tickets, we hoped it wasn’t just an overpriced tourist trap. It was anything but that. The ambience in there was beautiful in spite of the hordes of tourists.


Blue Mosque is just across the Hagia Sophia and a fully functioning mosque. It’s known as the Blue Mosque because of the beautiful Iznik blue tiles that adorn the interior.

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